A compilation concept album Yog-Sothery - Chaosmogonic Rituals of Fear has been released by I Voidhanger records. Information, artwork, reviews & more here. 77 minutes of mind blasting occultery just for 10 € Europe or 11 € rest of the world. Send an email with your address to to order. We got a re-stock of The Borderland Rituals available as well if need be.


The album The Borderland Rituals has been made available for legitimate download. Download here!!! It's a 73,5 mb rar-file including all the songs from the album + the cover picture & info. The mp3 quality: 240 kbit VBR 44100. If you like it, please buy the proper cd.

Another, more interesting thing: a split with the superb American sludge doom band Mala Suerte is on the works! Expect a vinyl release.


The Borderland Rituals CD OUT NOW!!! Check out merch for ordering info & prices if you want to get the album directly from the band. You can also acquire your copy from one of the various distributors. Distributors: Firebox, Record Shop X, Solitude Productions, Weird Truth, The End, etc.

After their debut album Gnoia (2005, Firedoom Records), the Finnish band UMBRA NIHIL comes with a brand new album The Borderland Rituals. 5 long obscure, frosty compositions of hypnotic doom metal.

The album's initial concept was inspired by themes introduced to some of us by the writer William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918) in the brooding horror novel The House on the Borderland. In order to achieve a suitable claustrophobic sound and eerie, forbidding atmosphere the album has been recorded in an isolated and quarantined abandoned house on the inbred borderland, sullenly crafting the band's sound into a more organic and gelatinous direction. As the troupe's sound went through changes amidst the locale of rural decay, so did the initial Hodgsonian concept of the album - turning from a mere literary reference in lyrics into a much more personal account of borderland existence.

In epileptic fits of pathetic rage the album betimes raises a trembling and arthritic pale fist at the uncaring cosmos-at-large and its malevolent nightside entities, which haunt hapless Mankind with unfathomable purpose - or lack thereof. Mostly, however, the aural ambience resolves in resigned rudderless levitation towards inevitable mental and physical disintegration.

Additional astrality has been contributed by Tuomas M. Mäkelä of the ambient band Jääportit.

’The Borderland Rituals’ has been mastered by Devo Andersen at Endarker Studio in Sweden.


The brand new album The Borderland Rituals will be released by Epidemie Records on the 18th of November 2008!

The distributors include Firebox, Solitude Productions, Weird Truth, The End, etc. You can also get the arthritis inducing album from the band in the near future.

A 7-minute sample of the song The Sign of Death, which includes astrality by the mastermind of the ambient act Jääportit, will be posted to Myspace and


The new album + a raw version of a new song online!

The new album consisting of 5 songs will be released in October or November 2008 by Epidemie Records! The new material seems like a mongrel mostly drawing infulences from 70's prog, RIO, Zeuhl and Heavy Metal in general. A raw version of a new song will be uploaded on Myspace during July.

No info about the Thergothon compilation so far. Maybe we will put our adaptation of The Twilight Fade online as release date for the compilation has not been revealed to us yet and over a year has passed since the recording sessions took place.


All the recordings have been finished after lots of swelling of nuggets, diarrhoea, unnecessary surgical operations and medical care of Benwayan proportions took place. Were the stars wrong or right in a horrifying manner? The material consisting of 4 songs of versatile nature will be mixed during the following weeks.


Added reviews in English, French, German and Russian.

The work on the new album has progressed somewhat. The drum recordings have almost been completed.


The next album will be released by Epidemie Records probably by the end of the summer. Expect more obscure slow metal. This time with mainly clean vocals by an additional member. Not a fifth limb, but a new singer that is. The new album will most probably focus on themes introduced to some of us by William Hope Hodgson in the brooding novel 'The House on the Borderland'. In order to achieve a suitable sound we've been recording new stuff in an abandoned house on the borderland, crafting sound into more organic and gelatinous direction, whatever that means.

Furthermore we recorded a song to celebrate the rise of the hoofmonster á la H.P. Lovecraft. This song should appear on a certain compilation, the release date of which has not been announced yet..

We have also been asked to appear on a Thergothon tribute. After arduous pondering we decided to give 'The Twilight Fade' a try. This tribute will be released by Solitude Productions.


A song for a compilation recorded & mixed. Expect multidimensional psoriatic guitars, skeletal drums, bestial organs(?) and the sound of the hoofed breastmonster rising! Don't expect it to be released any time soon, though..

Two new reviews added and links updated. Metalirium in Slovak & Metal Crypt in English.


The hiatus has ended, but transformation has just begun. We are no longer signed to Firewhatever, even though co-operation in some form may take place in the future. Being on our own now is part of the transformation. Other things will change as well. First of all, the sound is undergoing changes. In our audial lab, located on the borderland between this and that in the incestuous plains of western Finland, we aim to forge the old artificial sounds into something more horribly singular, curiously gelatinous, psoriatically spectral and monstrously nice. Another aspect that has changed is the line up. A large mass of unhealthy influences has dawned upon us. This mass, resembling a swine thing shall take over the vocalismus. It seems likely that much of the petty grunts shall be diminished. Way for something unacceptable and unpopular is to be paved in this manner. We aim at becoming even more unpopular than we currently are!

Part of this campaign for unpopularity is that we accept PayPal payments from now on for whatever rubbish we have for sale on the merchandise section of the site. A myspace site has been launched as well at, but only one song is available at the moment. More material will be added later on.